The museum of Chinchero


The Museum of Chinchero is located in the center of the Plaza de Armas in the district of Chincheros, province of Urubamba. It contains two large permanent exhibition rooms with archaeological findings made in the area.

The largest collection of the Museum of Chinchero includes everything from ceramics found in excavation sites, objects carved in stone and skeletal remains, to paintings of the colonial era in Cuzco.

Chinchero is located strategically at the crossing of three roads that connect Cusco and Yucay. It was a mandatory stop in the way to Machu Picchu in Tahuantinsuyo times.

The current town of Chinchero, as Ollantaytambo, is entirely constructed upon an Inca settlement of great scope, which is nowadays inhabited by around 15.000 people.

What to see at the Museum of Chinchero

At the entrance you may see archaeological sightings obtained in the area (ceramic utensils, metals, skeletal remains, metal instruments, stone artifacts, mortars for crushing grains and plants, among others), as well as photographs and a huge stone block carved in the shape of a feather.

The permanent exhibition at the Museum of Chinchero possesses a great historical value. The cultural heritage of its collection includes objects that were found in the nearby excavations. These objects stand out due to their scientific relevance and the fact that they are very well conserved. The ceramics that were found enable us to gather more information on the daily life and religious ceremonies, as well as the carved stone pieces which tell us how everyday life was like; the skeletal remains give us a well-defined idea of how the funerary rituals were undertaken in the region, and of the respectful worship of the deceased they maintained.

Finally, the interior of the Museum of Chinchero contains a number of paintings of the colonial era, which depict in images the period known as the “Conquest”. Some paintings from the XVII century truly stand out.

In the second room there is an exhibit of an important collection of paintings from the Escuela Cusqueña and two mannequins dressed with typical outfits. You may also visit the Sunday market, the beautiful colonial church and the pre-Hispanic constructions that surround the square.

How to get to the Museum of Chinchero

The town of Chincheros is located at about 30 km from Cuzco. Leaving Cuzco, you should take the paved road towards the north heading to Urubamba/Ollantaytambo. Once there all you have to do is head towards the Plaza Central de Armas and there you will easily find the Museum of Chinchero.

Museum of Chinchero Facts:

  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9am. to 5pm.
  • Prices: S/. 14 Peruvian Soles.
  • Address: Plaza de Armas de Chinchero, Urubamba (Peru).
  • Phone: +51 (84) 223 245
  • E-mail:


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