The holy churches of Cuzco

IMG_9392After the conquest, many churches were built around the entire city. In this article we will see the three churches of greatest beauty in Cuzco.

Those who visit Cuzco know that the city is not a simple point of passage for travelers to Machu Picchu. You will be able to connect with the ancient Inca history and the latest traditions from Europe when you visit Cuzco.

Main Church of Cuzco

It is the main building and biggest tourist attraction of the Plaza de Armas of Cuzco. The building dates from the sixteenth century and has a facade in Renaissance style, with a Latin cross. Inside it has a collection of art that totals more than 1000 pieces of great historical value.

The architecture of the church is of Renaissance style, with a Latin cross plan that comes to culminate your cruise, which, in turn, serves to communicate with the two side churches: Iglesia del Triunfo and Iglesia de La Sagrada Familia.

Within the Cuzco Cathedral it has a representation of the Last Supper. This work contains some curiosities like the main course, which is a guinea pig, a typical dish of Cuzco cuisine. Also, the characters in the painting are different from the original. For example, around Jesus, the 12 apostles are presented with indigenous features, and Judas’s face seems to be a copy of the portrait of Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish conqueror which ended with the Inca reign.

Useful Facts to visit the Catedral de Cusco (Main Cathedral of Cuzco)

  • Address: Praça de Armas de Cusco, Cuzco’s main square.
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sat. 10am. to 11,30am. Also, 2pm. to 5,30pm. / Sun 2pm. to  5,30pm.
  • Price: 25 Nuevos Soles.

San Blas Church in Cuzco

The church of San Blas was built in the sixteenth century and, like many other religious temples, it is believed that was built on an ancient Inca sanctuary. The church was rebuilt after some earthquakes that destroyed several buildings in Cuzco in 1650 and 1950. Originally, its walls were made of mud bricks, but after the earthquakes, were reinforced with stones that are preserved until today.

In addition to incredible outdoor beauty, this church has, inside, a feature that makes it unique in Cuzco. Inside, in the most sacred point of the church, you can see the pulpit, a carved work of art in a single piece of wood which, according to local historians, took four years to be completed.

Useful Facts to visit the Iglesia de San Blas in Cuzco (Church of San Blas)

  • Address: Plazoleta de San Blas, Cuzco. San Blas neighborhood.
  • Opening Hours: Mon to Sun: from 8am. to 6pm.
  • Price: 15 Nuevos Soles.

Temple and church “La Merced” in Cuzco

The church of La Merced in Cuzco was founded in the 16th century by Sebastián Castañeda. Like many other buildings of that time, the temple was destroyed by the earthquake of 1650, which devastated much of the city of Cuzco.

It has two facades that were rebuilt in 1651, abandoning the old Renaissance style on the other, more baroque Cuzco. The neoclassical altar inside the church has 6 columns in Corinthian style and, at its center, you can see the sacred image of Our Lady of Mercy. Inside the church of “La Merced” you can also find the image of other saints, as the Lord of Huanca, the Crossof Father Urraca and the image of the Lord of Tambo de Montero.

Useful Facts to visit the Templo y convento de “La Merced” in Cuzco (Church of “La Merced”)

  • Address: Portal Mantas 121, Cuzco.
  • Opening Hours: Mon. to Sat. from 8am. to 12,30pm. Also, from 2pm. to 5,30pm.
  • Price: 6 Nuevos Soles.


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