What to do during a free day in Cuzco

IMG_8355 cristo blancoFor our friends who are traveling to Cuzco for the first time, it is advisable to hire a guided tour so as not to miss any of the city’s touristic attractions.

The closed packages hired through a travel agency in Cuzco will ensure that tourists get to know the whole imperial city and will usually include a free day so that they can set up their own itinerary.

We will now see what to do and what to visit during a free day in Cuzco.

Visit the San Pedro de Cuzco Market

It is common that during a guided tour in Cuzco not much time is spent at this fantastic spot. That is why it is a good option to come back with more time on your own to look for better prices of any product offer in there. Inside the market you can find a great number of stalls that sell local products, from meat, bread, chocolate, cocoa, fruits, vegetables and souvenirs, to clothes and dresses.

Going through the market alleys, the visitor will be able to see a great number of typical Peruvian dresses, cloths, “aguayos” (typical multicolored cloths), flags, etc. Shoes, handcrafts and all kinds of touristic and everyday products are also on display in the shelves of each stall and on the floor.

Taking pictures of the Twelve Angles Stone

This stone is part of the building blocks of the Archbishop’s Palace in Cuzco and it is estimated that its weight can reach up to 5 tons. The 12 perfectly carved angles, which at the same time fit with the other stones that surround them, remain a mystery. Scholars have not yet been able to figure out what lies behind this stone, which is photographed by tourists over a million times per year.

It is often the case that this Cuzco attraction cannot be photographed during the guided tour due to the large number of people that are queuing to get a picture. But the stone is so close to the historical center that it is possible to come back and visit it with more time to take a nice Cuzco memento home.

Taking the best picture of Cuzco from the White Christ

The White Christ of Cuzco is another beautiful attraction that gives us the best panoramic view of the city of Cuzco. Many times we cannot take the best picture during a guided visit because there is not enough time before reaching the next destination in the itinerary. That is why many people, completely fascinated by the views from the White Christ, decide to come back on their free day in order to take the best pictures of Cuzco from above. If during the visit day you forget your camera at the hotel, this is another opportunity to come back to take one of the best visual mementos from Cuzco.


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