Spiritual Tourism in Cuzco and Machu Picchu

35-a-pachamama3Among the many rituals that con constitute the spiritual tourism offered by Peru, the Andean Wedding and the Payment to the Earth ritual appear among the most important ones.

Payment to the Earth ceremony

The Payment to the Earth is an ancient ceremony offered to the “Pachamama” (Mother Earth) that continues to be celebrated today by actual “shamans” of the Q’ero community in Peru.  This community is formed by the direct heirs of the Incas and is located in the mountains that surround the city of Cuzco.

During the Payment to the Earth the community prepares a ceremonial space where the “despacho” is prepared. The “despacho” is a combination of stones coming from the Sacred Mountains, tied together and wrapped in cloth. The stones are disposed in a way in which they hold energetic relations between each other.

The “despacho” is the essential offering made to the Pachamama. It is composed by many elements such as different types of food, beverages, stones, etc. But the most important gift included in it is the “kintú”: a mixture of three coca leaves.

The Andean Wedding in Cuzco                                      

The Andean Wedding establishes close ties with nature aiming to achieve its blessing. The Andean Union is performed in specific spots in Cuzco through a traditional countryside ritual.

For a long time the ancient people have maintained the sacred ritual of the Andean Wedding inherited from their ancestors. This represents a perfect bond between a man and a woman that allows them to prosper and achieve complete happiness with the protective blessings of the Mother Earth.

Spiritual Tourism in Machu Picchu

The Sumaq Hotel offers you the chance to celebrate these rituals (Payment to the Earth and Andean Wedding) in.

The Payment to the Earth ceremony organized by our hotel provides the possibility to take part in this old Andean ritual accompanied by an actual Shaman of Peru. Our hosts will enjoy a profound emotional experience of spiritual healing.

The Sumaq Hotel Machu Picchu also counts with the Andean Wedding ceremony or “Arac Masin”. This symbolic ritual is perfect for those single or married couples who wish to renew their vows. It is a unique private experience in the middle of the incredible nature that surrounds Machu Picchu.


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