Cuzco’s White Christ

IMG_2765 cirsto blanco

Located only 5km. away from Cuzco, this impressive statue opens its arms as if it were protecting the city. Not only the white Christ of Cuzco but also the place where it is raised have mysteries and legends of the old Inca times waiting to be revealed.

Cuzco’s White Christ: the best panoramic view of Cuzco.

Ten minutes away by car, on top of the Pukamogo hill (meaning “red hill” in Quechua) raises this amazing monument. The piece was donated in 1945 by the local Israeli-Palestinian community. It is an astonishing spot from where to have the best panoramic view of Cuzco.

It was built by the local sculptor Francisco Olazo Allende, author of many renowned pieces in the city such as the Sculptures of the Santa Clara’s Arch located in the San Francisco square.

The White Christ was actually constructed by local workers in a very traditional handmade style, it was a long process until it got the characteristic white shining color that has nowadays. The head of the statue was modeled first, then the hands and finally the face of Christ.

Legend tells that the different parts of the statue were made in the Siete Angelitos street in the neighborhood of San Blas, they were made out of granite covered with plaster and marble.

The legend of the Cuzco’s White Christ and the Pukamoqo hill

The Pukamoqo hill has a legend on its own. Rumor has it that in the times of the Incas it was a sacred place because this hill guards in its soil all the lands of the Tawantinsuyo Empire. This means that there is soil brought from Colombia, Ecuador, the north and south of Peru, as well as Chile, Bolivia and Tucumán (Argentina).

During the night the statue is completely lightened and from down the hill you can watch it contrasted with the dark background of the night. This makes it looks as if it were floating over the city. It is a most beautiful picture that every tourist will surely remember.

How to arrive to the White Christ of Cuzco

You can get there taking the road that goes to Saksaywaman. It is a 10 minute ride from Cusco. Another easy way is to take the public bus also heading to Saksaywamanand stop along with all the tourists.

  • Address: Cerro Pukamoqo, Cuzco.
  • Opening hours: The piece is located in the open air and has free access.
  • Ticket price: Free.



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