San Blas neighborhood in Cuzco


A few meters away from the Plaza de Armas of Cuzco, this neighborhood is one of the most pictures in the city. Known by its narrow and steep streets, full of artists, artisans and all sorts of shops where you can buy popular art. The beautiful  is also in the area.

 San Blas origins.

During the Inca times, this area was one of the most privileged. Despite of being distant to the center of the city it was inhabited mainly by nobles Incas. Today it is a central neighborhood due to the urban growth of Cuzco.

Art and handicraft

San Blas neighborhood is also known as “the craftsman neighborhood” or “the artists’ district” because it holds a large number of little workshops and stores where you can find from little souvenirs of Cuzco to fine art exhibitions and sales.

Many celebrated artists have their workshops in the ancient houses in San Blas neighborhood: the Mendéliv family (famous because of their long neck archangel’s figures), and the families Olave, Mérida, Aguilar and Segovia among others who form the artisan tradition in Cuzco. 

San Blas Church

The San Blas Church dates from the middle of the 16th century and is believed to have been raised over an ancient Inca shrine. It was originally built with clay walls, which had to be restored with stone after the earthquakes in 1650 and 1950.

Apart from its remarkable beauty, it has a pulpit that constitutes a marvelous work of art: a one-piece wooden pulpit carved by hand by an anonymous artist who, according to the historians, took four years to complete it. The wood is thought to be taken from a centenary cedar tree located at the time in the “Regocijo” square.

San Blas Square

This charming square is located in the upper part of the neighborhood of San Blas. It has two fountains: an old circular one in the middle and a modern waterfall lighten from behind. Sometimes this is used as a scenario for different kinds of shows.

Every Saturday a fair takes place in the San Blas square where local artisans show and sell their work.


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