Putukusi Mountain or Happy Mountain


Coming out from Aguas Calientes and next to Machu Picchu we can find a very exciting path that leads to Putukusi Mountain’s peak, a surveillance and control point that covered the Ancient Citadel of Machu Picchu. It is very common to climb this mountain before going to Machu Picchu, as it gives an idea of what will come next. You can enjoy a wonderful overview from the top of Putukusi Mountain.

Its name comes from the quechua language and means “happy mountain”. It is located northeast to Machu Picchu’s Sanctuary, at 2,500 m.a.s.l.

Going up Putukusi Mountain in order to reach its summit and admire the spectacular citadel’s overview is such a challenge! During the climb you will be able to appreciate the contrast between the mountain’s cloud forest and the forest, where there is a great variation in trees, orchids [SP1] and birds.

The path to Putusuki starts out at Aguas Calientes, just in the entrance of the village. The trekking is made of different wooden and

 steel stairs. Some of them even have more than 100 steps!


It’s a challenging ascent but, in the end, it is worth it. The first part of the itinerary goes through a region of humid forests, while the second one leaves the walker exposed to the sun all afternoon. It is recommended to bring a repellent, as the humidity of the region attracts mosquitoes. Other tips include bringing enough water, a couple of snacks to bring your energy back during the long itinerary and a wind stopper coat, as raining may catch us all along the tour.

The trip to the summit lasts around two hours. From there, there is an extraordinary overview over Machu Picchu’s Citadel and the main slopes that surround the mountain! This isn’t a high difficulty trekking, but it requires being in good shape in order to climb the never-ending stairs.

Get to know the Putukusi Mountain trekking, organized by Sumaq Hotel Machu Picchu.


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