The cooking of SUMAQ Hotel


Peruvian cooking is a result of the influence of migration and an extensive geography full of big biodiversity, which enables the access to fresh supplies from the mountain ranges, the coast and the jungle. When the Spaniards arrived in the 16th century, they discovered that the Incan had a basic diet which included ingredients as quinoa, potatoes and corn. Right after the conquering of the Incan Empire, the Iberian cooking techniques were assimilated, as well as the Arabic ones, which were a part of the Spanish cuisine since long ago. The Muslim influences entered this gastronomy through the “moriscas” slaves that they brought as captives after their incursions in the North of Africa. In the 19th century, the Chinese arrived as cheap workforce for the cotton and sugar cane fields, followed by the Japanese migrants, who contributed with their traditions and went on enhancing the fusion across a very diverse gastronomy.

Qunuq Restaurant

The Sumaq Hotel Machu Picchu shows a strong compromise towards Peruvian gastronomy and, through the Qunuq Restaurant, keeps the culinary tradition alive, as well as the cultural fusion which has been appearing for centuries.

Every dish is a unique creation of our Resident Chef. Our meals are made using millenary ingredients which come from our local providers, who keep alive the cooking tradition of Southern Peru.

Qunuq Restaurant exclusive recipes:

  • Quinoa Tabouleh
  • Quinoa Rissoto (Quinoto) 
  • Appetizers: Broad Beans Causa of Roast Beef of Molle Alpaca and Huancaina of Rocoto
  • Main Dish: Confit Duck with Andean Kapchi and Sparkling Chili Sauce
  • Dessert: Andean Maca Brownie with Mango and Caramel Pecans Ice Cream

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Cooking & Bar Classes

The Sumaq Hotel offers the possibility of taking part in our cooking classes, led by our Resident Chef, who will teach our guests how to prepare traditional dishes of the Peruvian cuisine by the participants’ request.

During the cooking demonstration, our Resident Chef will incorporate the same millenary ingredients used by the Ancient Incans, which are currently brought by our local providers.

In addition to the cooking classes, you will be able to learn to prepare the Peruvian drink par excellence, the “Pisco Sour”. The lessons are approximately 40 minutes long and are available to groups from 2 to 20 people, including a tasting of the finished dish and a traditional recipe book.

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Suquy Café & Bar

Enjoy a large range of exotic international cocktails, as well as our traditional Peruvian drinks, prepared by our expert bartenders. All in a fun and charming atmosphere, with the mountains which surround the Machu Picchu as a background.

Chat and share experiences with your travel companions, make new friends, check your e-mail or just enjoy some of our signature drinks, as the “coca sour” or the “Sumaq Machu Picchu”.

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