Green tourism and sustainability in Machu Picchu


According to a study from the World Tourism Organization, 5% of greenhouse gas releases come from tourism-related activities.

Paradoxically, the tourism sector greatly relies on weather conditions, especially on the activities related to the beach, the nature and winter sports. Climate change in tourist destinations can change the visitors’ travel choices; and this potential change in the tourist flow might affect the economy of local communities.

The causes that contribute to this impact on the Planet are the carbon footprint left by millions of journeys, the energetic and water spending for the assistance of guests and their tourist activities.

Our politics and sustainable achievements

Sumaq Hotel Machu Picchu is proud to highlight its compromise with the environment in order to lower the impact that tourist activity can leave behind.

Green politics: Sustainable practices in Sumaq were born as a family and contributors’ initiative. They are the same that we expressed in our organizational goals. We have energy saving plans distributed by areas, a waste management plan and a sustainable management water program.

Sustainable achievements: We have achieved a series of reductions on the environmental impact for each passenger: a decrease in energy, water and gas consumption and in waste production. We have also increased container recycling from “Amenities” without taking into account that more than 50% of our food comes from local suppliers. (learn more…)

What is a responsible tourism?

 It is the one that:

– Minimizes the economic, environmental and social negative impact

– Creates economic benefits for the local community and improves their quality of life

– Offers experiences to the tourists that connect them to the community

– Promotes respect between tourists and the local community

 Green tourism in Machu Picchu

As a part of Sumaq Hotel Machu Picchu’s sustainable tourism practices, we have established strategic alliances with Rainforest Alliance and Ecoluxury. The first one is an international association which works in order to preserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable means of life at the targeted areas. The second one is an organization which works with the best hotels in the world, combining green and social responsibility with an excellent service.


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