Mountain biking in Cuzco


In Cuzco, in addition to the own magic and magnetism of the place, there are excellent paths great for the practice of mountain bike, paths that have much value for traveler because besides their high quality for sports are sometimes ancestral paths which communicate with archeological places and communities.

Mountain bike routes in Cuzco

Path 1: Starting from the locality of Chinchero, is a highly technical paths and fleet with small echelons, curves and reverse curves with cambers. For the most part is developed on a clay soil with good grip that makes it very fluid and amusing. This path of approximately 15 km from a height of 3,700 meters and downs to get to the edges of the Vilcanota River.

Path 2: Starting from the viewpoint of Racchi, near the city of Cuzco, this path is really fast and with clayey soil structure that gives the rider the feeling of rolling over a carpet. Go bordering a cliff with curves, typical of the Cuzco region, very fast and funny until reaching the salt pits. From there follows a path boxed full of curves until arriving at the village of Pichingoto, characteristic because they are small houses embedded in the hill leveraging little caves and grottos that were formed by erosion that induced Urubamba River.

Path 3: Pumamarca, a fortress pre-inca situated on the heights of Ollantaytambo. These archeological remains are poorly known however be found in excellent state of preservation. The path going down from there is technical and very narrow, and is slightly covered by vegetation, what makes is slightly hidden.

Path 4: Huchuyqosqo, or “Pequeño Cuzco”. The start is to more than 4,000 m. With the view of mount Ausangate to one side and the Salkantay on the other hand begins one of the peak experiences for any mountain biker: a path very well preserved in which we go through zones with steps, fast curves on the brink from the abyss and Incas bridges until reach the same ruins Huchuyqosqo, little known wonder and visited by the ordinary tourist who arrives in Cuzco.

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