Cusco City: Tourist Attractions



Although the general consensus is that Cusco is the undisputed entranceway to the Inca culture, the “Navel of the World” is much more than that. Cusco, or Qosqo in it’s original vernacular, has experienced a significant change for the better in the last decades. The city itself caters for visitors from all over the world, offering services and products for virtually every need, whim and taste.

          Cusco was the ancient capital of the Inca culture. Legend says that the city held fortresses, palaces, and temples of fabulous wealth. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived, they looted and destroyed many of the constructions, then building a city of their own atop the ruins that were left. Thus, visitors can easily see the quaint mixture of Inca and medieval Spanish architecture in a unique display found nowhere else around the world.

Such was the intricacy of the Inca architecture, that many passageways still show the painstaking work of stonework at its best. One example is the “stone of the twelve angles”: a one piece stone carved in such a way to fit other surrounding pieces, that it has 12 surgically made sides. Not even a needle can fit the spaces lodged within each stone.

The “barrio” of San Blas is nearby the aforementioned stone. This is a small community of artisans who craft some of the most beautiful and worldwide recognized pieces of art. Collectors from all over the world are in for a treat when it comes to acquiring such delicate and valuable crafts. More than the objects themselves is the tradition put into the techniques used by locals; some of which have been passed down throughout the generations of family lore.

The city tour of Cusco city will take visitors to sites such as que Qorikancha, the famous churches downtown, as well as the markets, outposts and art exhibits of the Cusco art school. Depending on your taste, you can easily customize your visit to include those memorable places you want to experience.

Cusco at night is another city in itself. Dance clubs, restaurants, bars and pubs open up to the public, offering anything from the latest dance hits, typical folk dances, “novoandina” cuisine, and much more. However, be not fooled, although Cusco alone has its magical feel, the real essence comes from the people. This is a meeting point for travellers from all over the world who compose the authentic cosmopolitan atmosphere of Cusco. Thus, the mission of “the Navel of the World” is truly accomplished every night.

Our experts at Sumaq hotel are ready to help you create that specific tour you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate in telling the exactly what is it you want to experience, and they will tailor out a tour that will satisfy your needs, wants and whims. The staff at Sumaq hotel know that travellers want to live the adventure in style, and that’s exactly what we’re here for. Just kick back and relax, and let Cusco come to life before your very own eyes.


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