Huayna Picchu




The mountain that rises right next to Machu Picchu is called the Huayna Picchu, or “Young Peak.” Although Machu Picchu is the celebrated attraction for most tourists to come and visit, Huayna Picchu poses a unique challenge when it comes to “kicking it up a notch.” The hike up to the small peak takes about an hour, and is an experience full of adventure and excitement.

            First of all, reservations must be made in advance, since only 400 people are allowed to visit Huayna Picchu daily. The hike starts from the farthest side of the citadel of Machu Picchu, where you’ll be greeted at a checkpoint. Then, on, you’re on your own. The whole path consists of rock walkways and footpaths, much in the same way you would find in every ruins of the Incas. The path winds upwards on one of the sides of the peak, with steep turns, and impressive stair like footholds. In some parts, the stairways are so steep, you will need to climb using ropes especially furnished for that endeavour. To say the least, if you suffer from vertigo, or a heart condition, it is advisable to check with a physician first prior to embarking in such an ascent.

            Once you reach the summit of the Huayna Picchu, you’ll be rewarded with the most amazing views of the Urubamba valley, and the surrounding maze of forest laden mountains. At moments, it seems as if you were on top of the world. Atop the Huayna Picchu peak, you’ll also be able to explore what was believed were the sleeping/living chambers of the high priests and virgins. Legend says that every morning, the priests would walk down from Huayna Picchu towards Machu Picchu, to announce the coming of a new day.

            The fact that there are towers and living quarters in such steep and high altitudes makes visitors wonder about how on earth was such an ancient culture able to erect preciously and exactly made constructions. These findings baffle the minds of even the most travelled visitors.

            Our specialized guides at Sumaq Hotel have the right answers for all of your questions, when it comes to inquiring about the ancient mysteries of the Huayna Picchu. We can fully arrange a visit for you, furnished with exact data and well-researched information that will help you bring to life one of the most enigmatic cultures. Let our expert staff assist you every step of the way to this enchanting and enthralling journey to the past.


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