Tips for visiting Machu Picchu


Visiting Machu Picchu should be a rewarding experience; thus, it’s important to take some tips in advance so that you can fully enjoy your stay in the legendary Lost City of the Incas.

As an avid traveller, you must take into consideration the weather conditions when visiting Machu Picchu. Cuzco, tends to be sunny during the day and chilly at night. So, dressing in layers is always the best option. Once at Cuzco, you will take a train to Aguas Calientes (the town were the citadel of Machu Picchu is located). Since you will be entering a tropical area, humidity and rain should be expected. The best months to visit Machu Picchu are from May to September. Machu Picchu will welcome you with mist during the morning but as the day goes by, a beautiful sun will arise, walking with you through your visit.

Since visiting Machu Picchu will take you to the jungle, it’s important that you wear long pants, if you don`t want your legs bitten by mosquitoes. These bugs are almost invisible. Use a repelent at all times, better yet, if this one is sunscreened as well. Take a light water-proof jacket just in case it rains; unexpected rains may occur. Restrictions can be upon back packs and camera gear. Just to be on the safe side, carry a day pack where you can place your water, camera, and your jacket. There are lockers where you can place your backpack and other belongings, just don`t forget to carry your passport with you at all times.

Once you enter the ruins, planning what to see is essential when visiting Machu Picchu. You can either go on a guided tour of the ruins, or be adventuresome and do it yourself. Whichever way you decide to go, be sure to visit the following features: the Sun Gate (amazing view when coming from the Inca Trail, you arrive in the sunrise over Machu Picchu), Temple of the Sun, located near the summit of the citadel, the Intihuatana (a solar clock), Temple of the Three Windows, Main Temple and the Temple of the Condor.

There is a limited amount of tourists to visit Machu Picchu: 2500 per day. So, check in advance with your travel agency to get your tickets promptly. The ruins are open from 6am to 6pm, and rush hour is from 11 to 1pm. If you plan to go to Huayna Picchu, plan it early as only 400 people go up and in groups of 200. This hike takes an hour more or less. It is challenging, but the view you will get is breathtaking, and is completely worth it when visiting Machu Picchu.

At Sumaq Hotel, we can and will arrange guided visits to Machu Picchu, so that you can take advantage of fullty enjoying the Lost City of the Incas in style. At the end of each visit, you will be able to relax with our spa treatments and ammenities. Please, let our dedicated staff arrange the best experience for you in the mythical land of the Incas.


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