Mysteries Around the Construction of Machu Picchu


Since the dawn of early 20th Century exploration, Machu Picchu has posed an engima for specialists and visitors alike. When was it officially built? How did people move such gigantic stones? Where are the blueprints for this colossus? What were their construction methods? These are some questions that have plagued countless generations of travellers and thrill seekers.

The colossal city of Machu Picchu is nestled right atop a mountain range, flanked by forest-laden mountains. Prior to motor roads and railways, accessing this marvelous site meant embarking in a journey across treacherous cliffs, thick foliage and winding foot-paths. It’s no wonder that the citadel remained lost to the world until just recently.

With this in mind, assumptions on how Machu Picchu was built still abound to this day. The massive boulders that conform this massive site had to be transported, cut and shaped perfectly to fit one with another with such precision that not even a needle can be lodged between the rocks. Not only that, but the milimetric alignment of the buildings, temples, sundials and what-not, with the trajectory of the sun, as well as with the diverse stars and constellations just add up to the millenary enigma. It’s the ultimate jigsaw puzzle.

The little evidence found about the actual construction has led people to devise interesting and -often-, contradicting theories regarding its origins. Given the lack of heavy equipment and modern construction techniques, it seems unlikely that a pre-hispanic culture could’ve achieved such levels of perfection.

A common theory favored by sci-fi fans is that ancient aliens must have aided the Incas in the transportation and implementation of these rocks. Of course, this is a fairly easy story to believe. Other historians actually seek to prove that the rocks were man-hauled, and man-carved using tools and natural chemicals. Stemming from those generalistic assumptions come diverse versions, each one more plausible than the other.

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