Hiram Bingham’s Passion for Machu Picchu

Hiram Bingham’s Passion for Machu Picchu

So, the story more or less tells us that Hiram Bingham discovered Machu Picchu in the early 1900’s. Although he wasn’t a trained archaeologist, he took part in several expeditions through South America. It’s on one of them that he got word of this mythical, forgotten citadel nestled in the middle of the Andes. Being in an era of huge discoveries, it’s easy to imagine how someone would become enthralled in the legend of a lost city ready to be discovered. The whole idea of venturing inside the mysticism of an ancient culture can surely become intoxicating.
Thus, is the case of Hiram Bingham: an American explorer, aviator, and politician. In the two expeditions he conducted, he collected an amazing array of relics and artifacts; many of which can be seen on display at Yale University. While it’s been claimed that the Lizarraga family has been in Machu Picchu several years before Bingham, the knowledge of this Inca redoubt has had remained a closely guarded secret until the arrival of the American explorer. It’s through the later works of Hiram Bingham that the world got to learn about the enigmatic city of the Incas. That’s the stuff that modern legends feed off.
What the Western world has learned about Machu Picchu is product of the passion Hiram Bingham –and his collaborators-, have put into the works dedicated to telling the story of one of the most important discoveries in the 20th Century.
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