Discovering Machu Picchu



Machu Picchu is one of those emblematic sites around the world that made history. We’ve all heard amazing tales about the Lost City of the Incas, at the Sumaq Hotel, regarding the story of the place. “Little knew Hiram Bingham that more than a century after his findings he would still be remembered as the one person to discover the great Machu Picchu ruins, in 1911”, said the man, beginning his storytelling.

A few fortunate people had already learnt about a sacred place prior. This site full of mystery and magic was thoroughly overlooked, and no one until Hiram Bingham had put so many efforts to spread the news about this so amazing place, sharing it with the rest of the world. Many of its findings were placed in museums, along with the literal and symbolic treasures found in Machu Picchu. But the richness that this so sacred place still has in store is impossible to be described with words. The place leads to the greatest peace of mind that one could ever feel, being able to bring to life the very story of the Incas back to life in every step of the way.

The closer you get to Machu Picchu, the more you feel the nature at its purest state, and the more you become part of the legend, part of the adventure. Discovering this World Wonder is nothing less than amazing; you will surely enjoy each and every second of your journey. Therefore, finding lodging near the action is a must. This is where the Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel comes in: a must-stay hotel for everyone interested in Machu Picchu, adventure and ecotourism. This world-renowned lodge is focused on keeping the magic and mysterious touch of nature at its best.

Our hotel respects nature and helps its visitors to enjoy it at its best, helping them to take the most benefit of the activities arranged within, including visiting Machu Picchu, climbing nearby mountains, and exploring Inca sites that will bring the magic touch that only Cusco can offer. Get ready to explore the magnificent city of the Incas, stay at the Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel, and get ready to feel the once-in-a-lifetime experience of getting to Machu Picchu!


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