Climate Conditions in Machu Picchu



Peru offers you a wide variety of treasures, landscape and climates. The most famous destination in Peru is located, inevitably, atop the Andes. This is where thousands of visitors go each year pursuing their ultimate dream: a visit to the mysterious Machu Picchu.

To make the most of your experience SUMAQ hotel is the perfect lodge located in the mountain-forest. Here you’ll find everything you need to get yourself ready for a dream-like adventure in the Andes. At the base of the most famous ruins of the world, SUMAQ HOTEL works in a close relationship with its surrounding nature in order to protect the sensitive biosphere. In this eco-friendly lodge you’ll find a wide selection of activities to make your stay a delight. By living close to nature, you’ll get to experiment the essence of the Inca culture in this magnificent backdrop.

Located at 2200 meters above see level, not only will you have to accommodate to the altitude changes, but you will also have to prepare yourself to the changing and unpredictable climate of the mountains. Often cloudy in the morning, you will most likely have a clear sky and a bright sun throughout your day. The temperature is an average of 25 degrees Celsius, but can easily reach up to 35 degrees Celsius on especially hot days. From November to March, medium to heavy rains can be expected. It is recommended that you wear layers of clothing and to be prepared for the chilly mornings and the warm or humid afternoons. After you enjoy the breath-taking sunset, temperatures drop quickly, so having a good windbreaker at hand is always a good idea.

No matter if you travel for leisure, or if you’re seeking to discover ancient mysteries, walking into the Inca’s steps with SUMAQ HOTEL is the best choice you could make. Machu Picchu is waiting for your visit, where you’ll be guaranteed a journey into ancient history like never before. Come enjoy the calm and pure nature of Peru in the middle of the mountain-forest, in the same setting where the Incas built their everlasting Empire. The magic and mystery of this monumental civilization is right at your fingertips.


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