Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel was recently selected as the tourism business deserving of the “Making a difference” distinction for the month of October on the Rainforest Alliance’s website:

Sumaq is an on-line guide that includes hotels, tour operators and other sustainable tourism businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean that are verified by Rainforest Alliance, certified by an independent certification program or recommended by a prestigious organization. The purpose of this website is to help tourists and tour operators to choose destinations responsibly, for the benefit of local communities and natural resources.

 “Making a difference” is the special mention made by to highlight companies’ work and efforts in favor of environmental conservation and the welfare of their employees and local communities.

As part of this recognition, promotes the winner on its website throughout the month. In addition, it promotes the winner on Facebook and Twitter, in the blog on the website, and in its monthly newsletter sent to hundreds of subscribers.

New Sustainable Tourism section

Green Sumaq is the sustainable tourism section of Sumac’s website,, developed to share its policies, activities, publications and news related to its responsible practices in the Machu Picchu area with all of its contacts.


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