Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel is not only synonymous with beautiful in Quechua language, but it is also an ecological hotel which works with all their operations areas by applying and developing sustainable tourism actions for the past four years.

Since the construction of its architectural design faults situated in the foothills of Machu Picchu, the structures of Sumaq take full advantage of natural light, thus avoiding the excessive use of energy.

The external colors of Sumaq blend beautifully with the cloud forests environment and its bluish sky. The earthy colors of the balconies, walls and ceiling are in harmony with the habitat of more than 300 endemic bird species of the area.

Saving and conservation of natural resources is another initiative taken by the hotel involving their guests and staff.  The staff of Sumaq is ready to separate, recycle and use properly selected materials and which protect the environment.

This is further demonstrated by obtaining more than 70% of approval in their sustainable operations granted by the conservation organization Rainforest Alliance. Their actions on solid waste left by their activities are the most outstanding among all their sustainable practices.

For its location and responsibility, the hotel has developed for their environment a collection, selection and monitoring plan of the final destination of waste. The rooms as well as the public areas of the hotel have organic and inorganic garbage cans.

Products that produce waste and avoid the use of non-reusable packaging are preferred in order to minimize the volume of waste within the purchasing policies of the hotel. Also, amenities packaging are recycled and reused saving up to $ 1000 annually.

Furthermore, the guests also become agents of Sumaq ecology when they decide to reuse their towels, separate the waste, use water and energy responsibly, as well as when they visit the sanctuary responsibly, caring for nature and wildlife while visiting the attractions in Machu Picchu.

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