Pay To The Earth – Pachamama

Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel, the only five stars hotel in Machu Picchu Pueblo, also known as Aguas Calientes, continues to offer outdoor activities in this 2011 such as the Pachamanca and the Andean Wedding Ceremonies, so their travelers can live closely the traditions of the Andean community.
Pachamanca or “Earth Pot” is a representative activity of one of the best preserved culinary customs of the southern Andean culture of Peru nowadays.

It is an interesting alternative for ancient-cooking lovers. In the Pachamanca the participants will attend the preparations of this Andean meal placing the stones that serve as an underground kitchen, as well as regional supplies of the mountains like potato, oca, broad beans, aromatic herbs and lamb meat, which at the end are covered with large leaves and layers of earth until it is totally closed.

Once the ground begins to expand the flavors of all cooked food, the participants of this culinary activity will enjoy the Pachamanca and toast with frutillada – fermented drink made from corn and berries.

Another tradition that the hotel preserves as part of the mystical heritage of the Inca culture is the “Arac Masin” or Andean Marriage, which is a symbolic ceremony of love where couples get married or renew their vows faithful to the Andean culture and the unique style of a five star.
In the Arac Masin, lovers join themselves in the complicity of nature and spirituality of Machu Picchu. The ceremony is preceded by an Andean priest in a special place set at the foot of the archaeological site close to Puente Ruinas. Songs and prayers are performed to invoke the prosperity of the relationship.  
Besides these two activities, Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel has a wide choice of excursions and cultural activities which were created respecting the environment and surrounding communities.
All Sumaq sustainable practices have made worthy, the recent Verification of the Rainforest Alliance Conservation Institution. Achievement reached with the full participation of its staff and guests.


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